How to meet Thai girls in Bangkok


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and definitely one of the best spots in the whole country if you want to date lovely Thai girls. How to meet Thai girls in Bangkok, we explain you in this post in detail.

ThaiFriendly & ThaiCupid

ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid are both excellent Thai dating websites. While ThaiFriendly only works really well in Thailand, ThaiCupid is more international and has Thai members worldwide, even in the USA, UK or Australia. In Bangkok both websites are a great option to meet Thai girls. With ThaiFriendly you can find more younger girls and freelancers, ThaiCupid offers more options for serious relationships. There are on ThaiFriendly as well as on ThaiCupid more than 30.000 singles only in Bangkok registered, you should have more than enough options… Many of the registered girls are normal people like students, office workers and so on, but there are also many freelancers available. In Bangkok you can find whatever you want, ThaiFriendly is for us the slightly better option.

Both websites are totally free of charge in the basic version and therefore we advise to sign up for both of them. This way you can check out the members database at both Thai dating sites and find the best option for yourself. Of course the basic plan is limited and if you want to use all functions of the dating sites you should opt for a premium account. Both websites are offering several price plans, starting at a really reasonable price and it is better than any barfine… One thing we can promise: It won’t cost you a fortune, so don’t be too cheap.

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Tinder & Badoo

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Tinder is well known in Thailand and especially in Bangkok and Pattaya are ten thousands of girls registered. Tinder has more the reputation as a „hook up game“ and is not really suitable for people searching a serious relationship… But never say never. Most of the Tinder girls are freelancers or Ladyboys. Tinder works especially well in the Sukhumvit area, Silom and the Oldtown around Khao San Road. It shouldn’t take long until you have a date with Tinder in Bangkok. Additionally to the Thai girls, you can find with Tinder also many tourists on holiday, many of them are open for an adventure, if you understand what we mean.

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Badoo is also a really good option in Bangkok to find nice girls, here the members are more mixed and you can find many normal girls, as well as freelancers. Both dating websites are a good option if you are just seeking fun.



In our AdultFriendFinder review we reported already in detail about this special adult „dating“ site. AdultFriendFinder is a great option to find sexual encounters in Bangkok with couples, girls or gay men. AFF has nothing to do with prostitution, it is just a community for sexually open minded people and it works really well in Bangkok.

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Meeting Thai girls in Bangkok on the streets

Bangkok has a lot of great places to meet nice Thai girls. Beside the red-light districts around Patpong, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy there are also many good nightclubs and of course a lot of places to meet normal girls.


The best option to meet normal Thai girls in Bangkok are the shopping malls. There are daily many girls hanging out for shopping, eating and relaxing. It might be a little bit difficult to meet girls this way if you are a litte bit shy. But believe us, many Thai girls are very friendly and open for a date and they will exchange their Line or Facebook really quickly. Keep in mind, that these women are no prostitutes and you should treat them well and with respect, if you want to approach them.

Young and beautiful Thai student


Another great place to find Thai girls in Bangkok are night clubs. Night clubs are spread all over the city. In the clubs in Bangkok you can find a very mixed crowd. Tourists, expats, freelancers and many normal girls partying here. The best club in Bangkok are „The Club Khao San“, „Levels“, „Insanity Night Club“ and „Route 66“.

Khaosan Road and „The Club“ is still the best area to meet young Thai girls for absolutely free one night stands. Especially student girls and young office workers like to come here to meet foreigners who are on holiday mode.

Levels on Sukhumvit Soi 11 is another great option, especially if you want a more upscale experience. You can find Levels on top of the Aloft Hotel (they have an elevator outside with a desk that functions as the entrance. There are lots and lots of hot Thai girls, most of them freelancers looking for a Farang.

Insanity Nightclub in Sukhumvit Soi 11 is really one of the best places to hook up with Thai girls in Bangkok’s nightlife. Yes, the majority of them are working girls but just like with the other places listed here the supply of girls by far exceeds the demand of guys at most nights so even if you hit up a working girl and pay her a couple of drinks chances aren’t too bad that she takes you to her own place just for fun.

Route 66 in RCA is the only Thai night club on this list, means it’s not oriented towards tourists. However, you’ll still see a lot of foreigners there, mostly expats and well informed tourists.

If you want to meet Thai girls in Bangkok offline, then the night-clubs are really the best and easiest option!

Club Bangkok Ladies

Beer-Bars & GoGos

The bar and Gogo scene in Bangkok is huge. The Sukhumvit area is the place, which is best known its red-light districts. Nana Plaza in Sukhumvit Soi 4 is an ideal place to enjoy plenty of GoGos and beer bars. You can find there hundreds or even thousands of girls, 99% freelancers and working girls. The whole are around the NanaPlaza is packed with beer bars and live music venues. You can find girls there almost 24hrs.

Another option on Sukhumvit road is the infamous Soi Cowboy. This small alley is packed with GoGos and bars. It is well known for high prices but also really beautiful GoGo-Dancers.

Patpong in Silom is a mix between night market, bars, restaurants and Gogo-Clubs. In the whole Silom area you can find many massage shops, Gogos and bars. The chances are really good to meet Thai girls there.

Although we don’t like the red-light thing too much, it is a legit option to meet Thai girls in Bangkok, especially if you just want to have fun. If you are looking for casual encounters or maybe even serious relationships or dates, then you should better go to the nightclubs in Bangkok or use ThaiFriendly to get in touch with good and beautiful Thai girls…

Soi Cowboy Thailand Bangkok


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