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In this ThaiCupid review, we tell you everything you need to know about the biggest dating platform to meet nice and beautiful Thai women all around the world. ThaiCupid is one of the largest communities worldwide to meet women with a Thai background. The clear design and high usability makes ThaiCupid to one of the best dating website for the Thailand and Thai girls. The database of registered women is huge and even in the US, Canada, UK or Australia it is possible to meet nice Thai girls with ThaiCupid. No matter what you are looking for, you will always find the right girl on ThaiCupid, but let us explain why…

ThaiCupid review

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In this review we explain you everything you need to know about ThaiCupid, the price plans, the registration process and the database of girls. In addition, we reveal in this ThaiCupid test how the site works and what chances of success you have to find a nice Thai girl.

ThaiCupid is the biggest niche dating website to find Thai girls. Just with a few clicks you can create your account and start to search for amazing women from Thailand. Thanks to the excellent search function, you can filter also for countries or even cities and therefore Thai women can be found all over the world. It does not matter if you are in the USA or Australia right now and you are looking for Thai women in your hometown or anywhere else in the world. And that is exactly what makes the platform so special. In addition, you can enter your preferences such as hair color, weight, religion, age and much more. The best matching girls will then be displayed and you only have to choose which one you like most…

ThaiCupid Members database

The ThaiCupid search function

ThaiCupid is made for everybody. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship, or just a little adventure for a night, you can find it all. In general, however, it appears that the registered women outside of the Thailand want more a serious relationship, but many of the women in Thailand are only looking for paying customers. This is not always and necessarily true and also in Thailand are many good girls registered, you just have to be a little bit more careful and pick them out…

ThaiCupid review search function

ThaiCupid Premium

With the ThaiCupid free registration you can already access the most functions and the complete database of girls. But honestly it becomes only really interesting and efficient if you opt for a paid premium account. With the premium plans (also the cheapest) you can lift the limits on sending messages and unlock some other useful functions. Especially if you are on holiday in Thailand and don’t have time to waste, a premium account is in our eyes inevitable.

ThaiCupid premium plan prices

Thai Cupid offers various paid plans. These plans are lifting the limits for the messenger function and adding several additional and useful functions. Below we listed you the the prices for the ThaiCupid Premium Plans.

ThaiCupid Gold

  • 1 month: $ 34.99 (invoicing monthly and cancellable at any time)
  • 3 months: $ 69.98 (billing every 3 months and cancellable at any time)
  • 12 months: $ 139.99 (billing once, no auto-renewal)

ThaiCupid Platinum

  • 1 month: 39.99 $ (billing monthly and cancellable at any time)
  • 3 months: $ 79.98 (billing every 3 months and cancellable at any time)
  • 12 months: $ 159.99 (billing once, no auto-renewal)

Payment methods: The payment for the premium accounts can be made classically via credit card or by PayPal.

Depending on your country where your are signing up, it is possible that you get the prices in Thai Baht. This might be good for you, as the Thai prices are a bit cheaper and if you convert the Thai Baht prices to USD you can about save 5USD per subscription…

ThaiCupid membership comparison
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ThaiCupid success rate – Our opinion

The chances of success to find a girl with ThaiCupid are in our opinion extremely high. Of course it is also depending on what you are looking for… If you just want to meet freelancers for sex, then the success rate in the Thailand might be nearly 100%… If your are searching for a serious relationship it can be definitely lower. If you’re young and good-looking, you can clearly increase your success rate.

Also a nice looking profile with many information about can raise the interest for you. Especially if you are in the Thailand looking for a Thai girl, it really won’t need long time until you had your first date. Since the selection in the US, Canada, UK or Australia is a bit smaller, it can take a little longer. Nevertheless, we are very confident and according to our experience, the chances are great to meet a Thai woman with ThaiCupid!

ThaiCupid is furthermore the one and only option to date Thai singles abroad. Especially in Australia, USA and UK it works really well and you can find Thai women around your hometown.

For whom is ThaiCupid good for

  • Men who are searching serious relationship with Thai girls in Thailand
  • Men who are searching serious relationship with Thai girls outside of Thailand
  • Men who are searching Girls for short time dates in Thailand
ThaiCupid Members profile

Nice girls like these are waiting for you at ThaiCupid…

ThaiCupid experiences

ThaiCupid is in general a very reputable dating website. Most of the profiles are genuine. Scammers (Nigerian Dating Scam) can never excluded 100% but it is a really rare event to bump into them. The alarm bells should ring at the latest when the question for money comes. As soon as you hear any story like: the mother is ill, the house has to be repaired, or some other stupid stuff, then you should be very careful. These are usually just fictional stories to persuade you to send money. You should never do that, especially if you never met the woman before!

Be also a little bit more careful with your personal data like social media profiles, phone numbers or pictures of you. If it is a scammer on the other side of the screen, he has you in his hands with the private data and pictures of you…

Normally the experiences on ThaiCupid are just good. The biggest and most common risk is the chance to meet a prostitute if you just want to date a normal girls. Just use your common sense and clarify before. If you are looking for real love and a serious relationship, ThaiCupid is a good possibility to find nice and beautiful women in Thailand as well abroad.

Alternative to ThaiCupid


In our opinion a very good alternative to ThaiCupid is ThaiFriendly. ThaiFriendly has a huge database and especially younger girls are registered there. ThaiFriendly has more the reputation as a hook up dating website, while ThaiCupid is more the serious relationship thing.

Although ThaiFriendly works well in Thailand, there are almost no girls outside of Thailand registered. But in Thailand itself you can find plenty of nice and beautiful girls, who are looking for fun, friendship or just a one night stand. Freelancers can also easily be found on ThaiFriendly. If you are still unsure whether ThaiCupid is the right one for you, just try both. ThaiCupid and ThaiFriendly are in the basic version 100% free!

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Conclusion ThaiCupid Review

There is not much bad to say about ThaiCupid, and since the registration is absolutely free of cost, everybody can make an impression for himself. The chances are very good to meet a nice Thai woman, it would be stupid if you would not try it. Whether you really need a premium account or not, you will find out relatively quickly and decide by yourself. No matter if you are looking for a serious relationship or just fun for a night, ThaiCupid has everything to offer and works especially really well in countries outside of Thailand!

Meet girls like these with ThaiCupid…


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