How to meet Thai girls in Pattaya


Pattaya is the city in Thailand which is well known for nightlife and girls. In no other city in Thailand it is easier to find Thai women. No matter what you want, fun, dates, one night stands or a relationship, you can find it all in Pattaya. All options how to meet Thai girls in Pattaya, we introduce you in this post.

ThaiFriendly & ThaiCupid

ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid are both excellent Thai dating websites. While ThaiFriendly only works really well in Thailand, ThaiCupid is more international and has Thai members worldwide, even in the USA, Europe or Australia. In Pattaya both websites are a great option to meet Thai girls. At ThaiFriendly you can find more younger girls and freelancers, ThaiCupid offers more options for serious relationships. There are on ThaiFriendly as well as on ThaiCupid more than 20,000 singles only in Pattaya registered, you should have more than enough options… Many of the registered girls are normal people like students, hotel workers and so on, but there are also many freelancers available. In Pattaya you can find whatever you want, ThaiFriendly is for us the slightly better option. Also Ladyboy dating is possible with ThaiFriendly, there is a separate Ladyboy section.

Both websites are totally free of charge in the basic version and therefore we advise to sign up for both of them. This way you can check out the members database at both Thai dating sites and find the best option for yourself. Of course the basic plan is limited and if you want to use all functions of the dating sites you should opt for a premium account. Both websites are offering several price plans, starting at a really reasonable price and it is better than any barfine… One thing we can promise: It won’t cost you a fortune, so don’t be too cheap.

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Tinder & Badoo

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Tinder is well known in Thailand and especially in Pattaya are ten thousands of girls registered. Tinder has more the reputation as a „hook up game“ and is not really suitable for people searching a serious relationship… But never say never. Most of the Tinder girls are freelancers or Ladyboys. Tinder works especially well in the whole city in Pattaya and you can find a sex date within minutes.

Badoo Logo

Badoo is also a really good option in Pattaya to find nice girls, here the members are more mixed and you can find many normal girls, as well as freelancers. Both dating websites are a good option if you are just seeking fun.



In our AdultFriendFinder review we reported already in detail about this special adult „dating“ site. AdultFriendFinder is a great option to find sexual encounters in Pattaya with couples, girls or gay men. AFF has nothing to do with prostitution, it is just a community for sexually open minded people and it works really well in Pattaya.

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Meeting Thai girls in Pattaya on the streets

Pattaya has a lot of great places to meet nice Thai girls. Beside the red light districts around Soi 6, Soi 7, Soi 8, Soi Buakhao, LK Metro and Walking Street there are also a lot of good places to meet normal girls or freelancers all over the city. The options to meet Thai girls in Pattaya offline, we have listed you here…

Shopping Malls and the streets

In Pattaya are several top shopping malls like the Central, Terminal 21 or the Harbour Mall. Shopping Malls are popular places among Thai girls to relax, eat or just have a coffee. In the shopping malls of Pattaya you can find from afternoon until night time always many Thai women hanging around. Many to them are bargirls or freelancers, but also women with a normal job are coming to the mall if they have their day off. Don’t be shy and try you luck in the shopping malls of Pattaya, you can really find some nice girls there and the success rate is pretty high.

Pattaya Beach Nacht


GoGo clubs are the main reason why Pattaya became so popular. You can find the most of them on the infamous Walking Street, as well in LK Metro area in Soi Buakhao. In the GoGo bars of Pattaya are many beautiful girls employed and it is just fun to watch them dance. You can take out the girls there for a barfine and hang out with them and do whatever you want. Although you can not find any serious dates or relationships in Pattayas GoGo bars, it is a good place if you just want to have fun.

Sapphire-GoGoClub-Soi-15-Pattaya girls Lineup

Beer Bars

The typical beer bars are open air bars with pool tables, chairs and nice Thai girls. You can find beer bars really on every corner all over the city. The highest concentration of beer bars can be found in Soi 7, Soi 8, Soi 6, Walking Street and Soi Buakhao. There are also several beer bar centres in the districts of Jomtien and Naklua. You can chat and drinks with the beer bargirls and also take them out for a barfine. Afterwards you can go eat, hang out or head to the clubs of Walking Street. There are many stories of men who fell in love with a bargirl in Pattaya. Some relationships worked, others not…

Pattaya Walking Street Windmill


Pattaya has many very good night clubs and they are almost all on the infamous Walking Street. Insomnia and iBar are the most famous among younger girls, 808, Lucifer, The Pier and Marine Disco are some other big names. The clubs in Pattaya are packed every night with a huge party crowd, especial on Saturdays you can find the biggest audience. In the clubs you can find many Gogo- and bargirls after work, freelancers but also women with a normal job who are open to date foreigners. The clubs are one of the best options to meet Thai girls in Pattaya offline. Try it by yourself, the success rate in incredibly high, we would even say 100%!

Sidewalk Bars

An Insider tip are in our opinion the small sidewalk bars, mostly just some chairs and tables on the pavement. These places are very popular among locals to have a drink after work. But you can also find many freelancers sitting around these bars waiting for a customer. Just walk around Pattaya, keep your eyes open and you will see what we mean.

Pattaya Sidewalk Bar

Conclusion Dating in Pattaya: In Pattaya it is very easy to meet Thai girls. No matter normal women with a job, bargirls or freelancers. We recommend you to use ThaiFriendly, Tinder and the nightclubs in Pattaya to find nice and lovey Thai girls. The success rate in Pattaya is 100%, believe us!


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