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Thai Ladyboy Dating – tips & apps: Not everybody is into Thai woman and there are many men who are attracted by Thai Ladyboys. In Thailand Ladyboys are widely accepted in the daily life and so it is totally common, that many foreigners are dating Thai Ladyboys or even having a serious relationship with them. In this post we gonna tell you the best ways to meet Ladyboys in Thailand wether online, via apps or in real life.



ThaiFriendly should be your first choice if you want to meet Ladyboys in Thailand. Although it is more focused on Thai women, there is even a separate Ladyboys section to fulfil everybody’s needs. ThaiFriendly is available as desktop version and as application for iOS and Android. Thai Ladyboy dating is pretty easy with ThaiFriendly and there are thousands of Ladyboys registered. Especially in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket you can find the most of them. The search function offers even the possibility to filter for Ladyboys only. After our research we found out that there are approximately 450,000 ladyboys in Thailand are registered.

Thai Ladyboy Dating - ThaiFriendly

All real and beautiful Ladyboys at ThaiFriendly…

The ThaiFriendly basic plan is 100% free of charge and so can check out the members database by yourself without any risk. However the basic plan is limited of course. For example you can not send unlimited messages to other users and always have to wait a while until you can send the next message. The premium plan lifts all limitations, you can send and receive unlimited messages, get access to an advanced search feature and get access to a list of people who marked you as „interesting“.

The prices for ThaiFriendly are pretty fair and worth every penny if you want to date Ladyboys. ThaiFriendly will cost you much less than a barfine in Pattaya or Bangkok and is therefore also for people who are just looking for fun very suitable.

ThaiFriendly offers various price plans. Even you decide just to subscribe for one month during your Thailand holiday, it is a pretty fair deal. Longer subscriptions are subject to huge discounts. Here we listed you the current prices for the premium plan.

  • 24,95$ per month
  • 49,95$ 3 months (33% discount)
  • 69,95$ 6 months (53% discount)
  • 119,95$ yearly (only 9,99$ per month!)

30 day and 90 day subscriptions automatically renew for your convenience. If you do not want to renew you can cancel at any time online in your profile.

ThaiFriendly offers a two week full refund policy on all subscriptions. ThaiFriendly is confident that being a premium member is so much better than a free member that you will be satisfied with your upgrade.

Conclusion: ThaiFriendly is in our opinion the best option to find a Thai Ladyboy in Thailand. If you really want to date Ladyboys, then ThaiFriendly is your best and only choice! ThaiFriendly is reputable, safe and a premium membership will not cost you a fortune…

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Tinder is a great option if you are searching Ladyboys in Thailand. The dating application is widely spread and used by girls and Ladyboys as well. Especially in Bangkok and Pattaya are many Ladyboys registered and Tinder works extremely good. You can swipe through profiles and if both of you hit the like button, a messenger window appears and you can get in touch.

The only downside with Tinder is the fact, that you can only search for Ladyboys around you. The whole Tinder dating service is based on the users real location. Tinder is totally free and there are really many many Ladyboys registered. Just try it out. However Tinder has more the reputation to be a hook up game. In 99% you will definitely not find a good relationship there…

Beautiful Thai Ladyboy on the bed

It is really easy to find beautiful Ladyboys with ThaiFriendly and Tinder in Pattaya and Bangkok…

Places to meet Ladyboys in Thailand

As already mentioned, in Thailand, Ladyboys are widely accepted and therefore a part of the society. So Ladyboys can live openly in everyday life without to hide anything. Ladyboys can be found almost everywhere in Thailand. Of course the major cities and places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Koh Samui are the best spots. Many Ladyboys are working in the entertainment industries such as beer bars, clubs and aGoGos. There are also some aGoGos in Bangkok and Pattaya where only Ladyboys working.

Thai Ladyboy in red dress

Generally it is the easiest ways to meet Ladyboys, if you head to the bars and Gogos. But also on the streets are many Ladyboys available. Ladyboys from bars might be completely different from such Ladyboys working in a real job for example in a store, coffee-shop or restaurant. If you are searching a real relationship and maybe love with a Ladyboy it is best for you, if your are searching far away from the entertainment industry.

Hereby we listed you also the most famous places & bars to meet Ladyboys in Thailand.


  • Obessions aGoGo (Nana Plaza)
  • Casanova aGoGo (Nana Plaza)
  • Temptations aGoGo (Nana Plaza)
  • Straps aGoGo (Nana Plaza)
  • Cockatoo aGoGo (Soi Cowboy)


  • Soi Buakhao (in Soi Buakhao are many Ladyboy beer bars)
  • Lita Bar
  • Katoeys are us aGogo (Walking Street, Soi Diamond)
  • Obsessions aGogo (Soi 13/4)
  • Kitten Club aGogo (Soi 13/4)
  • Pool Bar (Soi 6)
  • … many more

Which tips for Thai Ladyboy dating do you have? Please leave a comment below and help other users to find nice Ladyboys in Thailand…


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