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Do you want to find have a nice and beautiful Thai girl as your girlfriend? The best and easiest way to deal with this issue is to sign up for a Thai dating site. ThaiKisses is one of the three oldest and biggest Thai dating websites in the business and one of the the best options on the market. What you can expect from ThaiKisses and what kind of girls are registered there, we will explain you in this post.

ThaiKisses Review

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In this ThaiKisses review we take a closer look at all the functions and show you how the dating website works. In addition, we tell you our experience we have made so far, because personally we have been using the site for several years.

ThaiKisses overview

Before you can use ThaiKisses, you have to sign up first. Opening up a basic account is simple. This happens in just 2 minutes, not more than a few clicks needed. Optional feature to create an account through Facebook is also available. The registration is free but your account will be limited in the basic version. You get some minimum features that are standard among all dating sites and you can look up the available users.

ThaiKisses design and usability

The Thai Kisses website is very well managed and one of the best and oldest Thai dating websites. The design might look a little but outdated, but the usability is just great. ThaiKisses has a clean design with well-placed texts that make understanding the UI options easy. Click on the ‘Join’ tab on the upper right corner of the Homepage to fill in the online user registration which only consists of 5 fields.

Thai Kisses simply has one of the best UIX designs, distinct and organized. The navigation bar is cleverly separated from the Profile, New Members, Matches, and Photos section by well-aligned advertisements boxes that don’t seem like a hindrance, unlike many modern and polished websites

You can click on the Search tab on the navigation bar to do an advanced search with filters. Messages can only be accessed by the Mailbox tab. Through the Lists and Galleries, tab users can easily check on new site notifications such as new members, new photos, success stories, the most popular profiles and more. Profile settings and options are clearly laid out below the user’s profile picture.

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ThaiKisses basic and premium plan

ThaiKisses is absolutely free in the basic version and the functionality is almost the same as in the premium version. Nevertheless, in our opinion the premium function is inevitable. Most important is the unlimited contact option. In the free version of ThaiKisses the contacts are limited and therefore you can not have contact too many girls.

If you have plenty of time you can try your luck with the free version. But especially if you are on vacation in Thailand and want to get in touch with many girls quickly, you should definitely upgrade to premium… at least for the duration of your stay.

Thai Kisses Premium Plans

ThaiKisses price

The prices for ThaiKisses Premium vary by duration of your subscription. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper it gets. The prices are very moderate and if you are serious about looking for a relationship, you should invest the few bucks, don’t be too cheap…

 ThaiKisses premium price Gold Membership

  • 1 month: $ 31.27
  • 3 months: $ 81.07
  • 6 months: $ 121.61
  • 12 months: $ 162.15
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ThaiKisses success rate – Our opinion

The success rate with ThaiKisses is really depending on what you are seeking for. If you want one night stands and fast hook ups (maybe even with freelancers), than ThaiFriendly and Tinder might be a better option for you. If you want a real relationship, then ThaiKisses could be your first choice. ThaiKisses has in our opinion a much more mature audience but that mustn’t be bad. There are plenty of beautiful older Thai girls registered and you can really find some nice conversations and dates. Especially if you are an older guy, ThaiKisses may fulfil all your needs…

But back to the success rate – we are haggling with an success rate in numbers with ThaiKisses, but spoken generally, the chances are really high…

ThaiKisses Members Database

Is ThaiKisses reputable and safe?

ThaiKisses is really reputable and safe as well. There are mostly only real users registered, the ThaiKisses-Team seems to be very good to maintain the database and exclude scammers and fake profiles. In our opinion there is no doubt, that ThaiKisses is legit.

Conclusion: ThaiKisses review

As one of the oldest online dating sites in Thailand, Thai Kisses has a complete grasp on its potential user base and has a detailed paid membership plan. There’s a one-month Silver membership option at a very reasonable subscription fee for the users to try out for one month. Gold memberships come with 5 subscription options; 1 month recurring, 1 month normal, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscription options with the longer time-frame subscriptions incrementally costing you less.

We definitely recommend this site to everyone. While it’s classic and outdated look might be detrrent, you will find one of the largest active Thai dating community if you decide to subscribe with paid membership. It is definitely worth the money!

Alternative to ThaiKisses

The best option to ThaiKisses is in our opinion ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid. While ThaiFriendly only works really well in Thailand, ThaiCupid is more international. ThaiFriendly is in our opinion more the hook up option, especially in Pattaya, but you can also find plenty of good girls there. ThaiCupid is a little bit more serious and suitable for people seeking real relationships. We recommend to register at both of these option to ThaiKisses, the registration is at ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid 100% free of charge.


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