How to meet Thai girls in Koh Samui


The island of Koh Samui is one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand and well known for nice beaches, vibrant nightlife and of course beautiful women. If you want to meet Thai girls in Koh Samui, then you are totally right here. We show you the best websites, apps and locations for dating Thai girls in Koh Samui.

ThaiFriendly & ThaiCupid

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ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid are both excellent Thai dating websites. While ThaiFriendly only works really well in Thailand, ThaiCupid is more international and has Thai members worldwide, even in the USA, Europe or Australia. On Koh Samui both websites are a great option to meet Thai girls. At ThaiFriendly you can find more younger girls and freelancers, ThaiCupid offers more options for serious relationships. There are on ThaiFriendly as well as on ThaiCupid more than 500 singles only in Koh Samui registered, you should have more than enough options…

Both websites are totally free of charge in the basic version and therefore we advise to sign up for both of them. This way you can check out the members database at both Thai dating sites and find the best option for yourself. Of course the basic plan is limited and if you want to use all functions of the dating sites you should opt for a premium account. Both websites are offering several price plans, starting at a really reasonable price and it is better than any barfine… One thing we can promise: It won’t cost you a fortune, so don’t be too cheap.

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Tinder & Badoo

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Tinder is well known in Thailand and especially in Bangkok and Pattaya are ten thousands of girls registered. But also on Koh Samui there are many Thai girls ready to date you. Tinder has more the reputation as a „hook up game“ and is not really suitable for people searching a serious relationship… But never say never. Most of the Tinder girls are freelancers or Ladyboys. Tinder works especially well in Chaweng or Lamai.

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Badoo is also a really good option in Koh Samui to find nice girls, here the members are more mixed and you can find many normal girls, as well as freelancers. Both dating websites are a good option if you are just seeking fun.

Meeting Thai girls in Koh Samui on the streets

Online dating is not everything and especially on Koh Samui there are more than enough „offline“ options to meet Thai girls. Most people might now think about beer bars and GoGo Clubs. But why? There are far more options than these two possibilities to date Thai women in Koh Samui. Some advice how to meet Thai girls in Koh Samui on the streets and in everyday life are coming here…

Viewpoint Koh Samui

Hotels & Restaurants: Many Thai women are coming to Koh Samui to work in the hotels and restaurants. Many of those women are single and not shy to date foreigners. Be open, friendly and the chances for a nice date are really high. Please keep in mind: these women are no prostitutes, it needs time and some effort to date good girls…

Nightclubs: The nightclubs in Chaweng are the best option to find Thai women on Koh Samui. There are several freelance girls seeking customers but also good women with a normal job just out for a night. The best places to find Thai women in clubs are the Green Mango, Ark Bar and the ChaCha Moon Beach Club. All these clubs can be found in Chaweng at the Beach Road or in the Soi Green Mango. Nightlife in Samui is changing really quick and many of the party spots are only really crowded during peak season.

Beer bars: The good old beer bars are the 100% success option if you want to spend time with Thai girls. You can sit down, have a drink and take a girl out for fun, party or diner – even more… The most bars you can find in Chaweng around the Soi Green Mango. But all over Chaweng are several girly bars located. Another great option for beer bars on Koh Samui is Lamai. The small beach town has also several bar centres. One is located in the heart of Lamai around the Thai boxing ring and one at the end of the little town, just ask for the the well known Billabong bar and you are right in the centre…

AGogo: GoGo Clubs on Koh Samui are not really popular on Koh Samui and the only one you can find is in Chaweng at the entrance to Soi Green Mango. The prices in this Gogo bar are extremely high – not recommended…

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Conclusion: The best option to meet Thai girls in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a paradise and there are also many nice and beautiful Thai women. Beside freelancers and bargirls there are many normal and hard working women living from a job in the tourism industry. If you want to meet Thai girls in Koh Samui, then you have plenty of options and in our opinion nearly 100% success rate. The best website / app to meet Thai ladies on Samui is ThaiFriendly. There are many girls in Koh Samui registered and always open for a date. Also the clubs in or around Soi Green Mango in Chaweng are a great option to meet Thai girls. Freelancers and normal women can be found there alike.

Silver Beach Koh Samui

Also ThaiCupid might be a good option to meet Thai women in Koh Samui, especially if you are searching a serious relationship, ThaiCupid could work better for you than ThaiFriendly. However, both dating sites are free of charge in the basic version and so you should create an account for both websites.


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