How to meet Thai girls in Koh Chang


Koh Chang is well known for relaxed Backpacking tourism and chilled island vibes. Even when Koh Chang is not the best spot to date Thai girls, it is definitely possible to meet nice Thai women there. All you need to know how to meet Thai girls in Koh Chang, we will explain you here…

ThaiFriendly & ThaiCupid

ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid are both excellent Thai dating websites. While ThaiFriendly only works really well in Thailand, ThaiCupid is more international and has Thai members worldwide, even in the USA, Europe or Australia. On Koh Chang both websites are a possible but definitely not the best option to meet Thai girls on Koh Chang. To find girls from Koh Chang you must filter for the area around Trat.

Both websites are totally free of charge in the basic version and therefore we advise to sign up for both and check out the offer in Koh Chang. This way you can check out the members database at both Thai dating sites and find the best option for yourself. Of course the basic plan is limited and if you want to use all useful functions you should opt for a premium account. Both websites are offering several price plans, starting at a really reasonable price and it is better than to pay any barfine… One thing we can promise: It won’t cost you a fortune.


Tinder Logo

Tinder is well known in Thailand and especially in Bangkok and Pattaya are ten thousands of girls registered. But also on Koh Chang there are some Thai girls registered. Tinder has more the reputation as a „hook up game“ and is not really suitable for people searching a serious relationship… But never say never. Most of the Tinder girls are Freelancers or Ladyboys.

Meeting Thai girls in Koh Chang on the streets

Sexy white Thai girl at the beach

Online dating is not everything and especially on Koh Chang there are some good „offline“ options to meet Thai women. Most people might now think about beer bars. But why? There are far more options than these two to date Thai women in Koh Chang. Some advice how to meet Thai girls in Koh Chang on the streets and in everyday life are coming here…

Hotels & Restaurants: Many Thai women are coming to Koh Chang to work in the hotels and restaurants. Many of those women are single and not shy to date foreigners. Be open, friendly and the chances for a nice date are really high. Please keep in mind: these women are no prostitutes, it needs time and some effort to date good girls…

Beer Bars on Koh Chang: White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Khao), the most developed beach on the island, has by far the highest concentration of girly bars on Koh Chang. Kai Bae Beach (Hat Kai Bae) has also plenty of options and they even got a small bar strip called “Walking Street”. Almost every tiny village on Koh Chang’s west coast has a few lady bars and they are all kind of the same.

Clubs: There is no proper indoor nightclub on Koh Chang. The place that comes closest to a club is The Rockbar on White Sand Beach. Apart from all these beer bars, night clubs and backpacker spots there are obviously countless of beachside restaurants that make great party spots at night too. Sabai Bar on White Sand Beach is probably the most popular place in this category.

Conclusion Dating Koh Chang: In our opinion especially the beer bars and the clubs and bars along the White Sand Beach road are the best places to meet nice Thai women. Online dating might work on Koh Chang but we wouldn’t bet on it!


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