AdultFriendFinder in Thailand Review & Experiences


AdultFriendFinder is the biggest adult dating website worldwide. With AdultFriendFinder you can find not find love and relationships but more dates for sexual encounters, swinger dates and stuff like that. How AdultFriendFinder works and where you have the highest chances of success in Thailand, we explain you in this post.

What is AdultFriendFinder


Adult FriendFinder (AFF) is an internet-based, adult-oriented social network, online dating service and swinger personals community website. AdultFriendFinder works worldwide and there are more than 40 Million users registered.

The website is focused and well known for free sexual encounters, swinger meetings and providing a platform / community for fetish lovers. All of the meetings / dates are normally not motivated by money and therefore AFF is well-reputed for being a community to find free sex. The AFF membership itself is not free of charge and the free basic plan is not useable to get dates. So if you want to participate in the community of AFF, then it is mandatory to have a paid plan.

Also women have to pay for the premium membership, this if one of the reasons why the quality of people registered at AdultFriendFinder is generally high. AdultFriendFinder is 100% legal and it has absolutely nothing to do with prostitution or stuff like that – it is a community and platform for people who are searching fo new sexual experiences. Money is in 99% percent of the sexual encounters not involved. There is also a webcam option, where you can meet for Cybersex with other AdultFriendFinder users. AFF is available on desktop as well as application for Android and iOS.

AdultFriendFinder at a glance:

  • Has diverse and sexually active members
  • There are couples registered on the site
  • Majority of the members are from the United States
  • Half of the members’ population are between 25-44 years old
  • Most of the members are looking for casual fun
  • Most of the profiles are open to their sexual preference and fantasies
  • Only premium members can view profiles
  • You can upload and view photos for free and create a blog
  • Couples can have a shared profile

AdultFriendFinder prices

There are several different membership level and additional pay per use options at AFF. Here we give you a short overview over the most important prices at AFF.

  • Gold Membership Best Value: 1 Month 39.95 USD
  • Gold Membership Most Popular: 3 Months 26.95 USD / Month
  • Gold Membership 12 Months 20.00 USD / Month

The prices are valid for US users and can be different for UK, Australia or Thailand…

AdultFriendFinder Gold Prices

The offers of AdultFriendFinder

  • Dating database
  • Webcam rooms
  • Members blogs
  • Fetish communities
  • Magazines
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AdultFriendFinder in Thailand – The best places

AdultFriendFinder in Thailand works best in the big cities and especially in the area around Pattaya. There are many couples registered, searching for swinger experiences or threesome. Many couples are mixed couples, foreign man and Thai woman. If you are seeking sexual encounters with AdultFriendFinder in Thailand, then in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket you might have the best chances. Pattaya is by far the best place to use AFF in Thailand.

Pattaya Beach Nacht

AdultFriendFinder membership

As mentioned before, AFF is only useable with a paid membership plan. Men and women have to pay equally. The price for the AdultFriendFinder membership is in our opinion very fair. The chances of success are really really high and you meet like-minded people there. Additionally the premium membership is not only in Thailand valid, you can use it all over the world. No matter if you are in Thailand, Europe, USA or Australia, one membership is enough to get full and worldwide access to all members and the full service of AdultFriendFinder.


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