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How to meet Thai girls in Isaan – The complete guide: Isan; also written as Isaan, Isarn, Issarn, Issan, Esan, or Esarn; consists of 20 provinces in the northeastern region of Thailand. Isan is Thailand’s largest region, located on the Khorat Plateau, bordered by the Mekong River (along the border with Laos) to the north and east, by Cambodia to the southeast and the Sankamphaeng Range south of Nakhon Ratchasima.

Although the Isaan is not really a tourist destination, there are many foreign expats living with their wife or girlfriend in the small villages or cities in the Isaan. Even tourism gets more and more attractive in the undiscovered Isaan. If you want to know how to meet Thai girls in Isaan, we give you all the information you need.

Online Dating Isaan

The best option to meet Thai girls in the Esan is online dating. The best dating sites to meet Thai girls in Isaan are ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid. There are millions of single girls in Thailand registered and also in the big Isan regions such as Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram, Udon Thani are many Thai women registered. With the filter function you can search only for girls coming from Isaan, this works from every place in the world and is therefore a good option to find girls even before you travel to the Esan.

In our experience especially ThaiFriendly works really well if you are looking for Thai girls from Isan. The registration is absolutely free and so you can check out the offer before you subscribe for a premium account. Although you can use ThaiFriendly 100% free of charge, the messenger is limited in the basic version and so you can only send a text message every few minutes. If you are serious looking for Thai girls we recommend to upgrade to a pro subscription. It won’t cost you a fortune!

But also ThaiCupid is a really good dating website to find Thai girls in the Isaan. Also here is the basic version absolutely free of charge. If you want to date girls in Esan online, so we recommend to sign up for ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid for free and check out the girls registered there. After you can decide, which dating site you want to upgrade to premium…

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The pace of life in Buriram couldn’t be more slow during daytime, but once sun has set and temperatures drop a little you will see that the 30,000 citizen town really comes to life. Most of the nightlife action in Buriram takes place around the Victoria Entertainment Complex on Thani Alley, 300m south of the railway station. Here you can find plenty of Bargirls for a good time.

There are two night clubs in Buriram and they are both located opposite Victoria. Speed Music Hall is the typical Thai club with people gathering around small tables and almost all of them sharing a bottle of Blend Thai whiskey or Red Label. The other night club just 50m from Speed Music Hall is Tawan Daeng.

Just 50 m around the corner from Victoria is the Farang owned Bamboo Bar. They also serve food and it’s a popular hangout spot for Farangs watching live sports on the big TV screens while being accompanied by local Buriram ladies. Some of them are freelancers, some are not.

All these places are a good option to find Thai girls in Buriram, of course the most are bargirls and you can’t find serious dates there. If you are looking for Thai dates in Buriram away from the nightlife scene, then we recommend to use ThaiFriendly instead.

Rural Thai girl in Isaan

Koreat / Nakhon Ratchasima

There are only a handful of Farang owned bars with “open-minded” Thai girls in Korat. The expat community here is quite small, everyone knows everyone and it’s mostly retired guys over 50 you meet in those bars. The most popular and longest established one is Check Inn Pub on Suranaree Road. It has a nice pool table, live music and TVs with YouTube. You will also see many Farang-friendly Korat girls frequenting this bar every night. They are not employed by the bar and can be categorized as freelancers. Not too far from Check Inn Bar are two more girly bars: George & Dragon Pub that has a newer pool table and better food and The Beer Garden that has a more relaxed atmosphere.

There are no Go Go Bars in Korat but several Coyote Bars. What’s the difference? First, these bars are mainly oriented towards Thai guys (but you are welcome as a Farang, too). Second, the girls don’t get naked in these bars (they wear bikinis). Third, they are dancing much better and more enthusiastic than in a typical go go bar. Fourth, they generally cannot be taken out of the bar before closing (no bar fines). The currently three best Coyote Bars in Korat are 2 Peace, Super Mix, ก.ท.ม. Pub.

All major night clubs are located in the northern part of town, with one exception. U-Bar is the most famous and longest established club in Korat, located at the intersection of Changphuak Road and the Main Road. It’s the typical Thai night club where the locals come in groups and open a bottle of whiskey at one of the tables. The legendary Isaan style night club found in every major town in Isaan and even in Bangkok: Tawan Daeng. The Morlam Song Performances on the big stage are always entertaining, the food is good, the beer is cold, the women are fun and easy going – everything you need to actually spend your entire night there.

Although Korat / Nakhon Ratchasima is not a popular place for foreigners, there is a huge nightlife scene, serving mainly Thai men. Also foreigners are very welcomed there and so it is a good option to find Thai girls in Nakhon Ratchasima. However we also recommend you to use ThaiFriendly or ThaiCupid to find you date in Korat…

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Khon Khaen

The nightlife scene in Khon Kaen is diverse and bustling and has a lot more to offer than most foreigners think. While the various nightlife spots are spread all over town, the most popular area is in the town center near the big hotels like Pullman and Kosa. Within 1 km radius you will find dozens of local and foreign oriented bars, night clubs, soapy massage parlors and night markets.

The highest concentration of bars in Khon Kaen can be found all along Pracha Samran Road, 5 minutes walk from the Pullman hotel and 10 minutes walk from Central Plaza. The best bars with the most attractive girls on the small strip are My Bar, Happy Bar & Erics. They are all located on the street between the Pullman and Kosa Hotel. Most of them have pool tables (free) and TV screens showing live sports and/or YouTube.

Most of the night clubs in Khon Kaen are spread around the Pullman Hotel as well. The most popular night club in Khon Kaen is U-Bar, located just behind the Pullman Hotel. It’s really an institution here and even attracts celebrities from Bangkok that fly in just to party here for one night. Monroe Club is the most popular late night spot in the bar area of Pracha Samran Road, just 10 minutes walk from U-Bar. It’s owned by the same guys who run Rads and two other bars that are always packed. Bar Gru in Khon KaenAnother nightclub located in the basement of the Pullman Hotel is The Underground that serves its home German brewed Kronen Brauhaus Beer.

ThaiFriendly also works really great in Khon Khaen and so you should sing up and try it out, it is free!

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Udon Thani

Udon Thani is without any doubt the biggest playground for Foreigners in Isaan. It just has something for everyone with two big complexes packed with beer bars, several “ordinary” bars, karaoke places, massage shops, a couple of nightclubs and a night market. Most of these Farang oriented nightlife spots are conveniently located within walking distance in the center of town near Central Plaza shopping mall.

There are two main areas for girly bars in Udon Thani and they are located just five to ten minutes walk from each other. They are called Day & Night and Nutty Park. The bars have local girls working who hang out with male customers buying them drinks, playing pool or other games, watching football on the TV screen or just chilling and chatting. Plenty of more bars can be found all along Samphan Thamit Alley right outside of Day & Night.

The most popular Thai night club in Udon Thani is Tawan Daeng. It’s quite a big building right at the car entrance of Central Plaza. The newest night club in town is Phoenix, about 10 minutes walk from Central Plaza. It’s smaller than the other ones mentioned here, but very neat and super modern with the nicest lighting and laser show.

If you want to meet Thai girls in Udon Thani, then it is really easy and there is a huge offer of girls. Just get into the nightlife and try your luck. Also ThaiFriendly works really really well in Udon Thani and even Tinder might be an option to find Thai women around you…

If you want to find women in Isaan, it is really easy. There are several beer bars and nightclubs in almost every bigger town available to meet Thai girls. Also a great option are the online dating websites and apps such as ThaiFriendly, ThaiCupid and in some places Tinder. Try it out!

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