How to meet Thai girls in South-Korea


You want to meet Thai girls in South-Korea? Here we tell you the best tips to find Thai women in South-Korea. The country has a huge Thai community and is therefore an ideal place to find Thai girls abroad. In this post we explain you all you need to know how to find nice and beautiful Thai girls in South-Korea.

Thais in the South-Korea

Thailand is not too far away from South-Korea and there are many Thai people living and working. Thai workers are one of the largest migrant communities in South Korea. Of the 165,000 Thais who live in the country, more than 143,000 are illegal workers. Some of the Thai girls who are going to South-Korea are working not only in factories but also selling their bodies to local Korean men. In this post we tell you the options to find Thai girls in South-Korea…

Sexy Thai woman

Tips how to meet Thai women in Korea

If you want to meet a Thai woman in South-Korea, then you have really good chances. The best option is definitely online dating. There is a dating site, which is specialised on Thai women. With this dating website it is very easy to find only Thai women living in Korea. The best thing about it: you can use the basic version totally free!

The mentioned dating site calls itself ThaiCupid and is the largest Thai dating site in the world. You can not only search for Thai women in Thailand, but also in the United States of America, UK, Australia and of course South Korea. If you want to meet a beautiful and warm hearted Thai girl, then you have nowhere else better chances than here!

ThaiCupid is free, only the chat is function limited in the basic version. But in principle you can use the site completely free of charge and check out the members without any risk. However, if you are seriously looking for a relationship, you should opt for the premium account. The premium version gives you more possibilities to contact the girls and send messages without any limitation.

After login you have access to all the registered Thai women in the database. With the filter function you can search especially for Thai girls living in Korea or specific cities such as Seoul or Busan. Although there are many other great Thai dating websites in Thailand, ThaiCupid is and remains the best way to get to know Thai women abroad. ThaiFriendly or ThaiKisses for example are both pretty useless in Korea because there are no members outside of Thailand registered. With ThaiCupid you can find approximately more than 1,000+++ Thai girls all over Korea, more than 500 of them alone in Seoul. So what are you waiting for? Just try it out and register free!

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Searching Thais girl in Korea – Where can I find a good and nice woman?

You will not believe how many times we hear this question and we have already asked it ourselves once when we came back from our first trip to Thailand. If you also ask yourself this question, then we have finally the answer. Use ThaiCupid! ThaiCupid is the best option to find amazing Thai women around you. With the filter option you can easily find out for free if there are some nice Thais are registered in your hometown or not!

Another option would be to visit the red-light districts in Korea. There are several places available, where Thai girls are working and serving Korean men and foreigners alike. However we are really not into this kind of thing and so dating via ThaiCupid remains the best option to find Thai girls in South-Korea.

ThaiCupid experiences in South-Korea

ThaiCupid is the biggest dating website to meet Thai girls worldwide. Also in Korea this dating website is working really well. There are more than 1,000+ girls registered in Korea.

You can easily contact them and ask for a date. But also be a little bit carful, there might be some scammers as on every dating platform worldwide. So please use your common sense and be careful for the first time with personal data as well as pictures of you.

For your safety it is recommended to use the ThaiCupid messenger which guarantees you a high level of privacy and you don’t have to give your real phone number or Facebook-Profile. But all in all ThaiCupid is really reputable and the most registered girls are 100% no fakes! Register now for free and try it out!


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