How to meet Thai girls in Taipei


Taipei City, is the capital city of Taiwan and located in northern Taiwan. Taipei is the political, economic, educational, and cultural center of Taiwan and one of the major hubs in East Asia. Foreigners (mainly from Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines) emigrated to Taiwan to make their living in Taipei. There are also some Thai girls living and working in Taipei. How to meet Thai girls in Taipei, we explain you in this post.

Dating Thai girls in Taipei online

Online dating is the best option to date Thai women in Taipei. The best Thai dating website for Taipei is without a doubt ThaiCupid. Here you can sign up and use the basic version for free, of course with some restrictions. The big advantage: only Thai singles are registered and you can search them all over the world. So it is possible to filter the search results by country or even city. ThaiCupid works really well abroad and even in Taipei there are some single Thai girls registered.

Sexy Thai woman

The selection of Thai singles in Taipei is not huge but better than nothing. There are about 40 Thai women in Taipei registered. Since ThaiCupid costs nothing, at least in the free version, you should absolutely sign up and check out the members database by yourself.

Further ThaiCupid has the advantage, that it guarantees you a lot of privacy and you can contact many girls before you choose the one you really want to meet.

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Meeting Thai girls in Taipei on the streets

Taipei is very popular among Thai women to travel there as a tourist but for the reason to work undercover as prostitutes. If you are searching for Thai women like this in Taipei it shouldn’t be too difficult. Generally we advise against it, as prostitution is illegal. Prostitution in Taiwan was made illegal under a 1991 law. Legislation was introduced in 2011 to allow local governments in Taiwan to set up “special zones” where prostitution is permitted. Outside these zones prostitution is illegal. As of 2017 no “special zones” had been opened.

So we don’t recommend to search Thai girls in the nightlife scene of Taipei. Use ThaiCupid instead to find your Thai girl in Taipei.


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