All about Pattaya girls – must read before meeting Thai bargirls


Pattaya girls – Pattaya is the most popular destination for many men travelling to Thailand. Hardly any other city in the world has such a large amount of women who are extremely focused on foreigners. The nightlife- and party scene in Pattaya is just tremendous. Also dating in Pattaya is not a problem at all and so you will find not only bargirls and go-go dancers but also freelancers and ordinary hard working women – all in one place.

Pattaya bargirls do not enjoy the best reputation and often stories with broken hearts and financial ruin have come to the public. But not all women are the same and if you are prepared you can make a decision by yourself into what you are getting in. Here are our thoughts and tips about Pattaya girls…

Pattaya girls characteristics

Many Pattaya women are certainly not among the good girls in Thailand but you can not lump all together. Although many negative stories have been spread about women from Pattaya, there are certainly many positive and happy relationships.

Many girls are from Isaan

First of all, it must be said that many Pattaya women come from the Isaan region (poor countryside) and hope to find their luck in Pattaya. Many of these girls already have children and were abandoned by their husband. Often, they have no choice but to take care of their children and family and get the money by themselves. As in the Isaan region is not much work available these girls are heading to Pattaya.

While the kids are in Isaan with the grandmother, the girls in Pattaya enjoy themselves and try to find a foreigner who is willing to support them and their family in the future. Some girls don’t have children and could maybe work in other jobs, but they are too lazy and love the vibrant nightlife and party in Pattaya.

Isaan Girl Thailand

Pattaya girls are money oriented

As soon as some Thai girls have been in Pattaya for a while, they are more and more focused on money. Every woman wants beautiful clothes, watches and jewelery, or just the latest smartphone. For many girls from Pattaya only one thing counts and that is money! Even if many Pattaya bargirls might be handy and interested in your personality, at the end it will be probably all about money!

Pattaya girls want fun

Pattaya Insomnia Club Girls00003

Pattaya women want fun and party. The longer a girl is in Pattaya and enjoys the wild and yet quite luxurious party life, the harder it is to get used to a normal life with serious work. Many girls from the discos living the party and alcohol lifestyle every day and just want fun. If you want to have another or more quiet lifestyle with your Pattaya girl, it might be difficult as she just can’t stop the party life.

Many different boyfriends simultaneously are not uncommon

Be careful. Many women from Pattaya have multiple relationships simultaneously. In this way, they can maximize their earnings and while one partner works in Europe or America and sends money regularly, many Pattaya women are traveling with another boyfriend or are on the hunt for fun and money as a freelancer in the club.

Sometimes it is also possible that a Thai girl from Pattaya is married to a Thai man and tries improve the financial status of the family. Many Thai men tolerate that as long as the money is right but maybe they don’t know as well.

Club Bangkok Ladies

But there are also really good women!

As this post could appear somewhat negative don’t get us wrong. There are more than enough good girls living in Pattaya, working in a regular job and have nothing to do with nightlife or party. It always depends where are you looking for girls. If you just search in the bars and clubs don’t be surprised. If you try to find a serious relationship with a good and lovely women, you can find it in Pattaya as well. You just have to know where you can find her…

Where to find good women in Pattaya

One of our favourite possibilities to meet good Thai girls is online dating. Especially ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid are both great websites to find nice and friendly women in Pattaya. If you are done with bargirls just try these options and maybe you can find your luck with a wonderful and good Thai woman. Pattaya is much more than nightlife and party, it is a great place to live with a good infrastructure. Also there are many jobs and this attracts many good women for Thailand to live and work in Pattaya.

Thai woman in bikin at the beach

All these good Thai women you can not find in beer bars or in the Gogos of Walking Street as they are avoiding places like these. But online many of good Thai girls are registered and ready to meet you. In our opinion, ThaiFriendly is the best dating website if you are seeking good Thai women in Pattaya directly. If you want to find women from Thailand abroad ThaiCupid works better. With both websites you will find freelancers of course, but above all also good girls in search for a long lasting relationship.

Signing up for ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid is absolutely free, so it’s a great way to get to know Thai women in Pattaya.


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