The good Thaigirl – Myth or reality?


Many people are having bad experiences with women from Thailand. They only want money, are selfish and doesn’t know real love or empathy for other people or even their partner, is something you hear really often. Other getting scammed by Thai girls and their families and loosing all their money and possession in Thailand. In this post we gonna have a closer look at this topic and tell you wether there are also good Thai women or not…

Why have Thai women such a bad reputation?

Why Thai girls are having a bad reputation, especially among many expats, is easy to explain. Most of the men visiting or living in Thailand only have contact with bargirls and women of the red-light scene. Many of these bargirls are notorious liars, cheaters and it is their occupation to make money from men.

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Most of the successful bargirls in Thailand are having several boyfriends all over the world, only with one goal: taking as much money out of him as possible. Thereby they are acting selfish and with the ultimate goal to get as much luxury goods a possible.

The new iPhone is out? Of course a bargirl always needs the latest model as an object to show their status and success. Also gold jewellery, expensive bags and other stuff is really common among bargirls and mostly paid by foreign customers. While the boyfriend from England is visiting her in Thailand, the others are sending money from Sweden, Germany or the US until it is their turn to come back for holiday in Thailand. On this way she can finance her lavish lifestyle.

In short, many of those Gogo- and bargirls in Thailand are the total opposite of that, what a men wants. Of course these girls are having their qualities and know exactly how to turn the head of men, it is their job. At the end, and especially on the longterm, a foreign man is only good as long he is a big spender and a Thaigirl can make to use of this relationship.

Even if you take a bargirl out of the bar, the mindest of a bargirl will be always inside her. Additionally you should calculate to support her and her whole family with money from now on, as she can not work anymore in a bar if she is in a relationship with you. Good girls are having the education, courage, endurance and mindset to work in another „normal“ job, the most women from bars don’t have it. If you stop to support her or it is not enough money you give her, you can be always 100% sure that a bargirl will return very quickly back to where she came from…

Also the bar lifestyle with a lot of party, alcohol and no serious daily routine is shaping a person. It is hard to get foot in a serious life again after several years living like that.

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There are also plenty of sad stories where foreign men lost everything in Thailand. In hope for a good future in Thailand they brought all their assets and wealth to Thailand, savings for retirement for example, and after all was gone. Bad Thaigirls have a talent to influence people to do really stupid things. Buying a house or car on the name of the girlfriend is the most common mistake. After several years and if the first big love is gone, it can turn quickly into a nightmare and in the end the foreigner is loosing everything.

To close this topic: Foreign men are for Thai bargirls most of the time only useful objects to come into money. Real love and honest relationship is to 90% not possible! Even if all these statements are sounding pretty hard, it is unfortunately the truth and many betrayed men can tell you a thing or two about it…

What is a good Thaigirl?

Of course all these bad views however are mostly limited to professional bargirls. There are plenty of normal women in Thailand, but what is a good Thaigirl? A good Thai girl in our opinion is a hard working and honest person. Good women from Thailand do not need to take the money from other people and are able to lead their own life without any support. They have education and good manners, speaking English and don’t sell their bodies to men for money.

Good Thaigirls are able to have longterm relationships and are not cheating behind the back of their partners for money. Of course there are plenty such as these girls in Thailand but the most foreigners just don’t know or getting in touch with them as they are just not hanging around in the same environment. Just to be honest: Would you search in UK, London, US or somewhere else, a girlfriend in a red-light district!? Probably no!

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Where to find a good Thaigirl?

The best chance to find good Thaigirls is in real life far away from red-light and nightlife. Don’t search Thai women in the bars, gogos or clubs, look in restaurants and hotels instead. These women are working hard to make their living and therefore they have a total different mindset. Having their own income helps also in a relationship and makes a good Thaigirl independent from any men.

So watch out in daily life and maybe one day you will find a good Thai girl somewhere around you. But don’t be foolish, as especially in low paid jobs, many bargirls and freelancers can be found, which don’t have the attitude of a good Thaigirl.

Another good option to find good girls in Thailand is the internet. Especially with ThaiCupid and ThaiFriendly you have a great platform to find women in Thailand. Of course not all registered Thaigirls there, belonging to the good ones. But there are also many hard working Thai women registered, which are looking for real love. With ThaiCupid it is easier to find older girls with a job already, at ThaiFriendly are more students and younger girls registered.

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Conclusion: The good Thaigirl is not a myth but definitely it is not easy to find. Especially as a foreigner it’s difficult to get in touch with normal and reputable girls in Thailand. If you are searching in bars, clubs and Gogo clubs for a good Thai woman, then you will probably never find one…

Do you have some stories about good or bad Thaigirls? Please leave us a comment below!


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