The mindest & character of Thai women


The character of Thai women – Many men dreaming of having a Thai woman by their side. This is totally understandable, because the exotic look, the charming character and very special charisma of Thai girls. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware that a girl from Thailand is not comparable to a European woman. Here are some tips about the mindset and character of Thai women – just keep it in mind and you can have a good relationship!

Note, that every person is different, as well as the character. Nevertheless, a few general statements can be made to describe roughly the character of a Thai woman.

The character of Thai girls

The character of a Thai woman is often described quite positive and indeed, many people becoming infatuated into Thai girls and their adorable nature. The image of the caring, kindhearted and submissive Thai woman is reality and widely spread. In Thailand, the man is still playing the major role and everything must to be done to increase his well-being. That doesn’t mean that Thai women are totally and in every case submissive in a relationship, there is another side as well…

Traditional Thai woman with flower

In addition, we would call Thai women as easy going and uncomplicated, which is certainly also the casual lifestyle in Thailand. The positive attitude to life and the open and adventurous character are trademarks of Thai women as well.

In general, Western women nowadays can not really keep up with their Asian competitors … Because the good old values ​​and virtues have long since been lost in Central Europe, Australia or the US …

The characteristics of a Thai woman at a glance:

  • kind-hearted
  • solicitous
  • sensitive
  • cheerful
  • full of zest for life
  • cute
  • uncomplicated (most of the time)

Thai girls and money…

Sooner or later the question of money and financial support will arise. It is extremely important that the man takes responsibility for his girlfriend or wife, especially financially. Many Thai woman do not love their partners and the only thing why they are together is the money and the improvement of the living conditions. Of course this is not always the case, but even if there is some love in a relationship, money always will play an important role!

How much does it cost to have a Thai girlfriend

If a Thai woman has an own job she is not reluctant to use her own money to support her family or go shopping. But if a Thai girl only relies on you, it is totally expected that you fulfil all financial needs for her and her family. So summarised we can say, that money plays always and even after years a major role in a relationship. For many Thai girls it is true, that they are going into a relationship without any feelings, jut for the monetary things. That doesn’t only happen to foreigners but also to Thai men.

It is firmly established in Thailand that money is one of the most important things in life. This point of view might be difficult to understand for many Europeans, Australians or Americans. Normally we learn that money is not everything and true feelings and love is more important than anything else… Forget that in Thailand and you will live much better! Money is number 1…

Are Thai girls jealous?

Are Thai women jealous? Yes and No. Normally a Thai woman doesn’t have many questions and she will never forbid anything to her partner. In this point of view Thai girls are totally different to western women. They won’t forbid you to go out with friends, they don’t have many questions with who you are going out and so they are not obviously jealous.

But behind the facade, Thai girls can be pretty jealous too. Especially when it comes to the affairs with other girls. There are far too many competitors on the streets of Thailand and other Thai women are really keen to pinch the boyfriend or husband of another girl. Especially bargirls do not care about rules or moral and are man-eaters. Good Thai women also know that and these are the cases when a Thai girl can get really really jealous. But even bar girls can easily become jealous if the customer in the bar suddenly chooses another one. This is equivalent to a loss of face and keeping your face in Thailand plays a major role.

In fact we do not really know what is the real reason behind the jealousy of Thai girls. Many men assume that most girls fear to loose their financial status and support and are therefore jealous.

Thai Partygirl

Are Thai girls honest?

This question is the hardest for us to answer! Unfortunately, many men have had very bad experiences with the sincerity of Thai girls. There are many cases where a whole relationship was founded only on lies and aftermath came the big surprise. One example: A Thai woman was having a foreign boyfriend but was already married to a Thai men. But even minor lies such as illnesses in the family, accidents with the motorbike or damages at the family’s house are sometimes used to get money out of foreigners.

However we must to stress that not every Thai woman is the same. Most of the good and hard working girls are honest. That doesn’t mean that they are not having some secrets, but in fact every human has its secret and this is totally normal. The big problems arise mainly with bar girls, who use the stupidity of loving men.

Pattaya Insomnia Club Girls00001

Finally, we want to answer the question of whether Thai women are honest or not: the farther away from Pattaya, bars, discotheques and AGoGos, the more honest the girls probably get… Just use your common sense.

The background of a girl plays the most important role in a relationship. If you met her in a bar or club and she was working many years as a freelancer or bargirl, then this could possibly change her character. Good and normal girls from Thailand are like every women on the world and normally there is nothing to fear about their character or mindset…

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