Foreign man and Thai girl – Can it work?


Can foreign men and Thai girls be in a relationship together without major problems? We try to clarify this topic here, because many people asking this question before they are ready to fall in love with a Thai woman. Caution is a good thing the avoid any disappointment especially in a relationship. Therefore we have listed here some points which you should be aware of…

Foreign men and Thai girls – Can this work?

It is always claimed that the European or Americans and Asian do not understand each other or a relationship is not possible. This is because both cultures are so different that certain problems are inevitable. But does that also mean that a relationship between a foreigner and a Thai woman does not work at? Well, in our opinion no.

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It’s true, the Thais and the Europeans or Americans are extremely different. The US or many places in Europe for example are belonging to one of the richest countries in the world, while Thailand is not the poorest but definitely a bit behind. Because both sides have grown up differently and have different principles, there will also be some problems, in every relationship.

But there are also disputes in foreign partnerships as well! If you look at the divorce statistics in Europe, you will be amazed for the first time, because it is relatively high. Should not a marriage be forever? Should both sides not only marry if they are really sure? What we mean by that, is that there can also be problems in a western relationship.

Thai women and foreign men

Whether a relationship between a Thai and a foreigner works, nobody can say before. It may work, because we know a lot of people who have been married for several decades. But we also know couples who have separated again after some time.

Anyone who decides to marry a Thai woman must make some compromises. The stuffy life as you know it from your country does not work in Thailand. Getting too late or forgetting important errands is not uncommon and widely spread in Thailand. The understanding of cleanliness might be also totally different in Thailand. Money plays a major role in the land of smiles and is often more important than character or relationships.

Also the lifestyle in Thailand is a totally different one as you know it. Living day by day without plans might be very annoying for foreigners but this is how it goes in Thailand. You just must to get used to it and make some concessions.

The same applies to the Thai woman. If you want to be together or you intend to live abroad with a Thai woman, then she must make some compromises. In general, this is not a problem, because many Thai women are willing to change some points, especially for a better life, future and secured money flow to their families.

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Relationship with a Thai girl – tips

The cultures are different, there could be language barriers and these could result in circumstances which foreigners simply can not understand. But exactly the same a Thai woman could think about you. Many times Thai girls might wonder why foreigners act that way. The most important point is communication. Talk about everything and explain your feelings and thoughts. Also give your girlfriend or wife the chance to explain and we can promise you will find a way.

Of course a discussion with a Thai woman could be very difficult as it is in their culture to keep things and smile it away. Also many Thai girls are just not interested in your problems and behaving very selfish. It is also part of the mindset of many Thai girls to just mind their own business… Empathy is mostly not really spread among many Thai women.

From our own experience we know that a relationship between Thai women and foreigners are quite possible, even a marriage. There are many couples who are lucky for many years… But always expect some difficulties, even if you did not do anything wrong. Issues could arise out of nothing and disappear as quick as they came. Also it could be possible that a Thai girl changing her mind after several years of relationship and abandon you without any reason. Maybe these are kind of the sociopathy features, that many Thai girls have.

Have you had other experiences? Leave us a comment and tell us why. We are very excited to hear from you, whether positive or negative.


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