The best way to meet Thai girls outside of Thailand


Thai girls attracting many men. Thai women are humble, beautiful and sexy. Most men who travelled to Thailand are fascinated by the lifestyle, the culture and the natural beauty. But of course the local women are playing an important role why many foreigners are falling in love with Thailand and Thai girls. In this guide we give you some advice how you can meet girls from Thailand worldwide and not only in Thailand.

Meeting Thai girls worldwide

Of course Thailand is the ideal place to find a nice Thai girlfriend. But many people can not travel frequently to Thailand or stay there for long term as they have to work in their home countries.

But don’t worry in this guide we tell you the best ways and places to meet beautiful Thai girls almost everywhere around the globe!

Meeting Thais in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul

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Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Singapore are the cities in Asia with the biggest foreign Thai population. Especially women going to these places to work as freelancers in clubs or brothels. Especially in Kuala Lumpur and Seoul many Thai women are working as freelancers in clubs or discotheques, of course as illegal immigrant workers. In Hong Kong the Thai population should be somewhat around 30.000 people, Singapore has more than roughly 50.000 Thai immigrants and Seoul / South Korea is the home to more than 200.000 Thai people.

Especially in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Taipei it is really common to find Thai girls in the red-light scene. Also in Seoul many Thai women are working as prostitutes and are often forced into this business. We don’t not support stuff like this and so it is in our opinion no good idea to search especially in South-Korea for Thai girls in the red-light scene. However in Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur many Thai girls are working by their own…

Good places to meet Thai women in Asia

  • Hong Kong: Lan Kwai Fong and Soho
  • Singapore: Geylang, Orchard Towers
  • Taipei: best option is online!
  • Seoul: Cheongyanni 588, Hooker Hill

If you are searching for a serious relationship or a romantic date with a Thai girl in one of these cities, then we can recommend you to use ThaiCupid. There you will find plenty of Thai singles who are looking for a serious relationship. Many of the registered Thai girls living abroad are working in a factory or having a good job outside of Thailand, so they are totally free and no prostitutes..


The United States are a country with a big Thai community. Los Angeles, California, has the largest Thai population outside of Asia. It is home to the world’s first Thai Town. In 2002, it was estimated that over 80,000 Thais and Thai Americans live in Los Angeles. Other large Thai communities are in Clark County, Nevada; Cook County, Illinois; Tarrant County, Texas; Orange County, California; San Bernardino County, California; San Diego County, California; San Francisco, California; Fresno, California; Sacramento, California; King County, Washington; Fairfax County, Virginia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Queens, New York; Seattle, Washington; and Montgomery County, Maryland. If you are searching for a Thai girl in the US you should give ThaiCupid a try. It is the best option to find Thai singles outside of Thailand. ThaiCupid is in the basic version 100% free and so you can check out the members database around you without any risk.


Australia has a big Thai population which is permanent increasing. The 2011 distribution by state and territory showed New South Wales had the largest number with 17,541, followed by Victoria (10,766), Queensland (7,022) and Western Australia (5,662). If you are searching Thai singles in Australia you might have a great chance to meet them in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Many big cities haven even areas called Thai town.

Sexy back of Thai girl

Thai Town in Sydney is a neighbourhood in with a Thai theme. It is located in Haymarket on Campbell Street, to the east of George Street and to the west of George Street lies Sydney’s Chinatown. Thai Town consists of Thai restaurants, Thai video stores and Thai groceries. Sydney has the highest population of Thais in Australia, with a growing population of around 100,000. Thaitown celebrates many Thai festivals such as the Songkran Festival, which is held every April (Thai New Year). Thai Town was established in 2000 when rent was relatively affordable, and because it provided a source for Thai specialty foods, many Thai businesses moved into the area. It is located in the close vicinity of Central railway station. You chances to meet a nice Thai women might there be the best.

Another great option for Thai dating in Australia is ThaiCupid, which is the biggest Thai single website and has plenty of registered members in Australia. Check it here out for free!


Thais have not migrated to Canada in large numbers and the Thai population in Canada remains relatively small. In the 2016 Census of Canada, 19,005 Canadians reported being of Thai origin. There are substantially more Thai women than men in the country. While most are professionals, students, or have married Canadian men, there are occasional instances of young women entering the country as artists and entertainers, or as visitors who become afterward legit Canadians by marrying or contributing to the culture in one way or another. Some are bilingual and, like many immigrants, speak the language more clearly than some natives. Some Thais in Canada work in the restaurant industry and Thai cuisine.

If you want to meet Thai girls in Canada your best option is definitely online dating, especially ThaiCupid. If you are searching Thai girls in Canada then this dating site might be your best choice. The registration is absolutely free, check the members database out here…


Europe is one of the favourite places among Thai girls to settle down. Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Norway or the United Kingdom are all countries with a huge Thai community. Especially UK is the number 1 in Europa if it comes to Thai immigrants. The cities of London, Sheffield, Birmingham and Glasgow are all home to significant numbers of people with Thai origin. But also Berlin in Germany is well known for its big Thai community. There is even a Thai Street Food Market in a public recreation area. If you are searching Thai women in Europe it could be difficult, as the most Thai girls are moving to Europe together with their husband. Therefore rarely Thai single women can be found in Europe. If you want to search for Thai girls in UK, Germany or the nordic countries, just try ThaiCupid. This dating website is the best option and in the basic version totally free. This way you can check out the members database around you before you subscribe to a pay plan, which is not expensive at all…

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