The cute Thai girl – only fake & show!?


Who doesn’t have the image of the cute Thai girl in his head. For many men Thai girls are the cutest and most adorable women in the world. But is the image of the cute Thai girl real or only show? We try to clarify in this post…

What makes a cute Thai girl?

Most of the men know Thai girls as lovely and caring creatures. A petite body, a friendly face and always a smile, what could be more cute? Also the character of Thai girls might look really cute and caring at the first sight. An example: If you eat with your cute Thai girl she might care about everything, filling your glas, preparing your plate and even feeding you. All these lovely things most men do not know from western girls and therefore they are amazed at the first sight.

Also in daily life a Thaigirl might to appear very cute how she moves, how she is solving problems and how she looks. Also regarding in sexual things Thai women are so passionate and most open for fun and new things, in short a cute Thai woman is for many men the perfect female. But is there also another side of Thai women? Oh yes, there is…

Good Thai girl

The other side of Thai girls…

But there is also another side of Thai girls. Especially if it’s not running after her will, the cute Thai girl can transform to a nasty little thing, full of passion. Also issues involving another woman could show a total different face of Thai girls. If this other face is coming out, then you should be really aware, that everything can happen. The former cute girl is now for example destroying your furniture, trying to hit you or threatening you with strange phrases or even with suicide.

In this case it is really not recommendable to try to placate her, it will not work. Better leave the house and leave her alone. If she has her hot heart (a typical Thai phrase for aroused mind) you can’t do anything that will cool down the situation. But don’t worry too much. After several hours or days everything will be cool again. Most of the times, the life will continue as there was nothing before. For western men this behaviour to not discuss out a fight or tension in a relationship into last detail might be strange, but it is really common and normal for Thai girls.

Sometimes it can also happen, that your cute Thaigirl will not talk to you for several hours or days without any reason. You will probably never find out why or what happened. Mostly after a period of time she will come back to you and acting as there was never an issue at all. Strange but really common…

Conclusion: Yes, Thai girls are among the cutest creatures on this planet but they can have a really nasty side. Especially if they are upset, almost nothing can stop them. Keep that in mind

How to find cute Thai girls

Now you know a lot about cute Thai girls already and maybe the question arises where you can find such sweet Thai woman. In our opinion it is really easy to find nice and lovely Thai girls for a good time or even a serious relationship. The best option to find Thai girls in Thailand is ThaiFriendly. On this dating website many girls in Thailand are registered, especially from Bangkok and the central region. Many of them are young university students. Most of the lovely girls feeling alone, because they are far aways from their home and so they are looking for relationship or companionship.

Another good option to find cute Thaigirls is ThaiCupid. With Thaicupid you even have the chance to date Thaigirls abroad. Many Thai women living in foreign countries are registered at ThaiCupid.

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If you prefer apps like Tinder, then you will probably not find cute girls there as Tinder has the reputation to be more like a hook up game. Mostly freelancers or ladyboys can be found on Tinder in Thailand.

So for us the best options to find cute Thai girls in Thailand are ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid. Both dating sites can be used absolutely free of charge in the basic version. Give it a try!


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