How much does it cost to have a Thai girlfriend?


Everybody who falls in love with a Thai girl might ask themselves how much doest it cost to have a Thai girlfriend. In this post we explain you which costs you could expect to maintain a relationship with a Thai girl.

Please be aware, that it largely depends on which kind of Thai woman do you want to call your girlfriend. If you choose ladies from beer bars or Gogo clubs it could be much more expensive than having a good and hard working Thai women as your girlfriend…

Cost to have a Thai bargirl as girlfriend

Bargirls in Thailand are well known for their focus on money and status objects. Many foreign men had really bad experiences with Thai bargirls and indeed it can be pretty expensive to be in a relationship with this kind of women. But keep in your mind, that not every woman is the same! Also in Europe or the US it is really common, that women are only aiming your wealth and money instead your character and person.

Some Disco- and Bargirls from Pattaya’s famous Insomnia Club…

If you want to have a relationship with a bargirl from Thailand you should know that she makes her living from working in the bar. This includes excessive contact to other male customers. Most men doesn’t want their girlfriends working in places like these and so you must pay a compensation for her that she can stop to work in a bar.

Especially very good looking girls can make a lot of money in bars. That means, that your wallet should be widely open if you want to call a woman like this your girlfriend. First you have to support her financially for the daily life, then she maybe wants money for shopping and of course an own apartment / condominium is necessary. Most important and mainly the reason for Thai woman working in the bar is the family or the children back home. If your girlfriend stops to work in a bar, you also have to support her family and kids with a monthly payment.

If you fail to do so, she will go back to work in a bar for sure or look out for other men, who can support her an her family. Hereby we give you a rough overview if the cost, which you can expect to be in a relationship with a bargirl.

Cost for a relationship with a bargirl:

  • monthly expenses like food, cosmetics etc.: 10.000-15.000 THB
  • monthly rent for a low class apartment: 5.000-10.000 THB
  • monthly support for her family: 3.000-10.000 THB
  • monthly support if she has children: 3.000-10.000 THB

Summary = 18.000 THB – 45.000 THB per month.

Thai Bargirl demanding money

Additionally she could request some extra payments for shopping, electronics or other stuff. Just be prepared in advance…

Of course she might demand less money and it is always depending which financial background she has, if she has children or she starts to work in a daily job. Many women also have several boyfriends who support them and so she can split the cost. Keep it in your mind, if she is only demanding a little money and has no other income it might be possible, that she has another man beside you…

Summarized we can say, that it mostly about money if you stay with a bargirl. If you can afford to support her and her family, then you could live happily together until the end of your life. If you are a Cheap Charlie and do not support her accordingly it won’t take long until she will find other ways to generate money…

Cost to have a good Thai woman as girlfriend

A whole other thing is it if you are in a relationship with a good Thai woman. If you met her far away from nightlife and party and she has a good job, the chances are high, that she will never ask you for any money. Of course, in a relationship can be some financially hard times and she might need your support. But if a Thai woman has her own income and is hard working and strong, she doesn’t rely on the income of another person.

Also good Thai woman don’t have anything against gentlemen who going shopping or having a nice dinner with her. In this point all women on this planet are the same – and in our opinion it is the duty of a man to support his wife or girlfriend at least a little bit.

Summarized we can say, that it might cost you absolutely nothing if you are together with the right kind of women in Thailand. Many Thai woman are also very generous and paying gifts and surprises for their beloved ones. Of course, the longer you are in a relationship with a woman, the more important it can be to solve some financial things or problems together. But this is in any relationship in this world the same!

Thai girlfriend posing on holiday trip

Conclusion: It doesn’t have cost anything to have a Thai girlfriend. If you choose the right women in Thailand you can have a happy relationship without any financial issues. Many hard working Thai girls are also have a good salary and can live completely of their own. If you choose girls from bars, be prepared to tie a livelong bond between you, her and your wallet. But of course this is completely depending on her character and background.


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